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11 Ways To Get The Best Deals Using a Car Loan Calculator

1. Don’t Use One!

At least until you have done your homework. A lot of people go straight to a car loan calculator because it provides instant answers as to how much a car loan might cost you.

The problem is that this figure can be quite misleading, because there are a number of factors you ought to check out first before using any calculator to let you know how much you are going to have to pay.

These are set out below and although they will probably require a bit of research, will most likely end up saving you a significant amount of money.

2.Vehicle Price

Most new cars come with what is known as an MSRP, which stands for a manufacturer suggested retail price, commonly known as a sticker price. This is the recommended price for the vehicle set by the manufacturer, also referred to as a list price.

This price is always negotiable, sometimes for quite significant amounts. This means that you can end up paying significantly less in terms of actual price than you might otherwise think. What is important to bear in mind is that there are other factors that affect the cost of the vehicle as well which need to be taken into account.

The MSRP can also be negotiated significantly if you are thinking of leasing a vehicle, which many people do not appreciate or realise.

3. Down Payment

The down payment is effectively the deposit that you will agree to put on the vehicle. This obviously reduces the amount that you need to borrow, and subsequent repayment costs.

People normally think that the size of a down payment is determined by your credit score, in fact you can decide any size of down payment yourself. If you have significant savings, this can be a way of reducing costs. Equally if you are able to take advantage of a zero rate or low rate of interest, it may make more sense to have a smaller down payment and benefit from savings through a low interest rate.

4. Trade in Value

This many people will have an existing car that they want to sell or trade in against a newer one. If you trade a vehicle against another one with an auto dealer, you are likely to get significantly less in terms of cash than if you were to sell it privately. Trading a car in against a new model is primarily done because it is easier. Bear in mind, that it can also blur the line as to what type of discount you are getting on the new model.

5. Sales Tax

Whether you buy the lease a vehicle it is likely that some type of sales tax is likely to apply. It is worth finding out the cost of this when deciding what type of vehicle to buy.

Some vehicles may have a lower tax if you choose a hybrid version, or an electric car, or a car with certain types of low emissions.

6 .Interest Rate

Most people are aware of what interest rates all and how they work with regard to car loans. What people may not realise is that they can negotiate an interest rate, in the same way that they can negotiate regarding the price of the vehicle. When a finance company or credit broker make an offer of finance, it is in many ways their opening offer.

They will want your business, especially if you have good credit. This means that in many ways they are likely to able to be more flexible or negotiate than their original offer may imply.

In any event, it is worth trying to negotiate a lower rate of interest, either through direct negotiation or by offering a higher down payment or a longer period of time for the loan is valid.

7. Loan Term

The loan term is simply the number of months that the loan is completed to work over.

Many people go for a longer loan period because it reduces their monthly repayment costs.

Other people go for a shorter loan term because although it has higher monthly repayment costs there is a lower overall cost in terms of interest charges.

On balance it really depends which is more important for the individual, to have lower monthly repayment costs or a cheaper overall loan.

8. Dealer Offers

Virtually all dealerships of all manufacturers will make offers on their vehicles. It is a standard sales practice, and can have significant benefits for customers, but can also be quite confusing at times.

Dealership offers can be done on a national basis, on a local basis or both. Offers can relate to certain vehicles, low or zero interest rates, pre-approved customers, categories of customers such as military and students and can apply at certain times of year as well.

Unpicking these offers can be tricky, especially if they are based on the MSRP of the vehicle. However it is worth understanding the intent behind them, and using that to your advantage when negotiating the price and terms and conditions of the loan.

9. Buying Online

Most car dealers have an Internet sales department. This may be a specific department or integrated as part of their overall sales team. In any event they expect a large number of customers to effectively do a lot of the negotiating online, as well as by phone before they actually physically visit the showroom.

That is a very simple reason for this.

It is possible nowadays most customers to get a fair idea of what they should pay for a vehicle by way of research into areas such as price, trade in values, credit scores etc.

What this means in reality is that a customer has a very strong bargaining position in the way that they never had pre-Internet. Being able to negotiate online and on the phone puts the customer in a much stronger position as they can either help the phone or click through to another website.

A car manufacturer and dealership will recognise the power of this, and should be open to being a lot more flexible around all the areas of price and terms and conditions and they would be otherwise.

10. Credit Score

Most people are likely to be aware of what a credit score is.

They may not realise that they should be entitled to a free copy of their credit report at least once a year, which gives a breakdown of how their credit score is arrived at. They may also be all to obtain a copy of what their credit score actually is, although there is normally a charge for this.

Understanding how your credit score is made up by way of what information is contained in your credit report is crucial before approaching any loan or finance company.

Anyone offering you a loan will base it upon a credit score that is determined by the information in your credit report.

If that information is incorrect or out of date it will have a detrimental effect on any loan offer made it to you.

For that reason, it is crucial to check the information and make sure it is accurate. If it is not the credit bureau has an obligation to correct it, and they are normally fairly good at doing this.

11. Now Use The Calculator

Using a car loan calculator can give you a realistic sense of what you should be paying for a car loan. It can only really do this when you put in information that is likely to be realistic.

This information relates to the price of the vehicle, the size of a down payment, the car’s trade-in value, any sales tax that may apply, either local or national, any rebate or offer from a dealership and the length or term of the car loan.

Solving Engine Blow-By Problems

Solving the engine blow-by problem.

This article reviews the causes and remedies of engine blow-by. Some of the service tips individuals and mechanics are using to limit blow-by are taken from web page links at the bottom of the article.

Solving the engine blow-by problem. What is blow-by?

Blow-by refers to excessive combustion and fuel vapors that have slipped pass the engines pistons. Its nasty, cooking hot vapors then mix with the engine oils in a negative way.

In years pass auto makers vented blow-by via a vent tube into the air. Vented to the air, blow-by harms and pollutes the air, causes breathing problems in the young, harms vegetation, and poisons water in lakes and rivers.

In many cases, blow-by and exhaust fumes both mixed with upper layers of atmosphere. There, a more harmful chemical reaction called smog, occurs. This happens when sunlight passes through it. Smog, a stronger poison conversion of blow-by further deepens the harmful aggravation to life and living things. Blow-by is not good!

With worldwide pressures and laws, car makers were forced to do something to stop or control blow-by, and limit harmful exhaust. It does so with anti-smog making systems for motors. We call these “emission controls” – and all engines now have them.

Normally, in a good engine, with clean internal conditions in the cylinder and combustion area of the motor, clean conditions limit combustions blow-by escape pass the pistons. What does escape is recycled back into the combustion for reuse. 25,000 fuel and combustion services keep the system clean.

Most engines require a “smog service” every 25,000 miles for a normal long life. Some brands of smog service additives also end the blow-by problem. We use those brands. At links given below.

Since the blow-by term refers to excessive amounts of blow-by pressure in the crankcase – it means, resources to properly remove blow-by are over taxed.

When it’s your engine problem – here’s how to handle its solution.

Blow-by can originate from 3 causes:

  1. Worn or sticky piston rings, or valve guides. Their wear gaps.
  2. A plugged up crankcase recirculating system. Can be stopped up.
  3. Leaking O-rings or gaskets in the pressure side of a supercharger.


  1. For problem one, it’s time for a new engine. [$4000 up]. However, additive treatments are available to return blow-by to normal, and gain years more good life from the engine. All at a fraction of new engine expense.
  2. For problem two. The engine crankcase ventilation system is not sucking out combustion blow-by. Not sending it to be re-burnt in the combustion cycle again. This can be from a dirty PCV Valve [under $25 replacement cost], or plugged up system orifice. Its usually a mechanic who will stick a wire into the orifice, and or spray carb cleaner into the orifice to open and restore its suction of crankcase blow-by fumes.
  3. For problem three. A mechanic skilled in the supercharger system will find the troublesome gasket or o-ring, replace them, and verify leakage of pressurized air into the motor has stopped. Ending that cause of blow-by.

In my shop, and in my training classes for mechanics, I demo usage of several additives to clean the blow-by PCV system. These include the Mega Power Brand Emission System Service Treatment Additives. Their product contain the ingredient power needed to clean sticky piston rings – ending that blow-by cause.

Such a service can now be performed by anyone wanting to end the problem themselves. See links below. Doing so, select product with dual, engine tune up, injector, and combustion, piston ring cleaning values. Look also for cleaners and polymers to free piston rings, and fill engine worn spaces – all aids correcting the blow-by problem.

Those cleaning procedures also lower exhaust smog pollutants. So, the service can help older engines run cleaner, with less blow-by. Such product aids passing their smog test. These 2 services [about $200 to $400 each] will end the engines blow-by piston and wear problem. It often avoids engine replacement for many years.

While these additives offer protection and reduce combustion blow-by – they cannot correct o-ring and seal, supercharger pressure system failures.

All About Windshield Repairs

When it comes to the safety or durability of a vehicle, the windshield is the last thing to pop into the minds of people. However, this ignorance might lead you into forking out hundreds of dollars’ worth of money. Even slight damage or a windshield scratch can end up costing you very much. Needless to say, it is also a very important part that needs to be taken care of for the proper functioning of the vehicle.

Why Windshields Are Important To The Vehicle?

The windshield of the car has a major role in the safety and also affects the power of the firewall, thus preventing the foreign objects from gaining entry into the passenger compartment as well as the passengers from being freed. They make up to about 30% of roof strength in a rollover accident. A windshield that is installed properly can also aid the airbag in employing accurately.

This is why there arises a need for windshield crack repair and auto glass repair amongst the other services. For the proper management and wear and tear of your vehicle, you need to contact a repair center that has an experience of many years in the field.

Windshield Repair

For the creation of a stronger piece of material, the windshield is made up of laminate that is clear safety and two sheets of glass. The windshield is placed between these two materials in such a way that it appears to be sandwiched between both of them. This is because it is meant for the purpose of protecting one from the bugs, dust, and rocks at the same time whilst preventing the roof of the car from crushing in case if the vehicle rolls over. These days it has become easy to acquire windshield replacements at your fingertips.

Windshields can be easily damaged by tree branches plus rocks and pebbles if one is driving fast off the road. For avoiding scenarios like these you should refrain from driving the vehicle rashly and drive while taking extra care. Windshields are also one part out of the framework of the vehicle structurally. When you have a windshield that is cracked, the chances of an accident being caused or windshield being shattered are doubled.

Windshield Cracks

In case of serious windshield cracks, you can drive over to the repairs or contact a local-auto glass replacement in the neighborhood. Within a matter of minutes, the technicians will arrive at your service. Take for example, if an iron pipe is responsible for shattering the windshield to pieces, then during this period safe driving is illegal.

Auto Glass Repairs

Auto glass repair shops provide both repairs as well as replacements. The reason as to why the service auto glass repair shops shouldn’t repair cracks more than the size of one-half dollar is that the cracks are very simple to spread in a short amount of time after we are done with the repairing process.

Windshield Chip Repairs

The best thing you can do is to get a windshield repair done the earliest you can in case of damage of the windshield. If you want to see the windshield chip clearer then you should go for the windshield chip repair, it depends upon how soon you get it done. You can also look for ‘windshield repair near me’ and ‘auto glass replacement near me’ to learn more about the services offered by the skilled technicians in your respective state/city.