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What to Do the Moment Your Car Gets Totaled

There are many times when accidents happen and the damage caused range from minor to extreme depending on how the accident happened and what was involved. When your car is more than sixty percent damaged or the value of repairing it is more than its current value, then it is considered uneconomical to repair and it is totaled. However for some car owners their auto mobiles are cherished asset especially having spent most of their years with them and they will want to get the most value for them This is why you should seek to get the best value for it.

Although selling totaled car is an important decision it may not be easy for most car owners. There are uphill here and there which is why you need to do more than deciding to sell the car. Here is a guide on the various things that you need to do to get the most value for your car legally. Discover more here.

First cat owners should seek to have their cars officially totaled. Even if your car is very damaged you will need to ensure that it is totaled completely. You need to thus ensure that it is legitimately totaled. One way car owners should this is to take their automobiles to the insurance companies or take them to the local mechanics if they cannot take them to their insurance companies.
Once the insurance company has decided that your car is totaled, then you can choose to sell it to the insurance company. Since you will not go round looking for buyers this seems a good option.

Then make a decision to sell the car to private buyers if you do not sell it to an insurance company. In most cases you will realize that there are numerous private junk car buyers in the market. However for most private buyers there is the fear of purchasing such cars as they may think that there is something wrong with the car. All you need to do is to convince those buyers and company that the car is good and the deal will be clean.

Still you have the option of looking for a junk car dealer to purchase the car. The best thing about junk car dealers is that they competitive and will offer to purchase these cars at the highest possible prices not to forget that they will pay for them fast.

The last option for junk car owners is to itemize the cars and them look for private buyers to purchase these parts. The good thing with this option is that it offers the opportunity to sell the parts to many buyers. Click more on this website to get a good deal.