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Tips to Avoid Chafing
Chafing can be defined as the process of bruising your skin due to friction caused when one part of your body rubs against the other one. It is skin to skin friction in layman’s language. In most cases this happens is different places such as in between your thighs, bottom etc. It is usually very irritating and causes a lot of discomfort. Chafing are mostly experience in hot weather period. Chafing can be caused by wearing too tight clothing, too loose clothing can also cause chafing, clothes that do not absorb sweat well could also contribute. Too much movement like walking and running also contribute to chafing. Several ways can be employed to avoid chafing. This paper will offer ways on avoiding chafing.
We should consider the clothes we wear, especially during hot weather. The reason being chafing can be caused by the type of clothes we wear. Our skin is affected by friction especially when we are wearing too tight clothes. As we avoid wearing too tight clothes,very loose clothing are no recommended either. We should strike a balance and put on normal fitting clothes in order to avoid chafing. The type of the material is also a very important factor to consider if we want to stay away from chafing. Linen,cotton and woolen clothes are known to increase the chance of chafing while nylon is good and does not encourage chafes.
Avoid wearing skirts during hot weather. Chafing will most likely occur when you sweat and skin to skin friction occurs. On the contrary wearing trousers during summer will prevent chafing .
Ensure the clothes you wear are very dry, especially during hot weather. Poorly dried clothing can increase the chance of your skin chafing. Therefore, always make sure you dry them properly before wearing them. Chafing is prevented by wearing well dried clothes and there is no comparison with clothes that are not properly dried.
People who are big have a higher chance of having chafes. This is true since their thighs are close together and when they walk friction is high. The irritation becomes too much when one is wearing a dress or skirt. Too much friction creates bruises which can be very painful. People are encouraged to maintain a reasonable size in order to avoid chafing.
If there is a high chance you will get chafe you can apply some lotion to prevent chafing in advance. One can buy them for that specific reason or use home made lotions depending of your preference.
Another way is to avoid chafing altogether. As a result of friction causing chafing it is better to avoid it altogether. They say prevention is better than cure.
If you already have it, be patient and apply ati chafing lotion and wait or it to heal.

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