Reduced Your Carbon Footprints With Hybrid, Electric And Green Cars

We all know that cars make transportation life easier for many of us. However, cars emit carbon dioxide, which pollutes the very air that we breathe. In fact, in a recent survey, cars top as the major polluter in the world. With that said, we can still enjoy the convenience that motor vehicles provide us in a slight different way with the introduction of the so-called “green cars” or “environmental-friendly cars”. These car types make use of sustainable fuel resources, which are less pollutant than conventional cars, which burn fossil fuels and crude oil causing greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases result in the destruction of the ozone layer and contribute to global warming.

Green Car Types

For those who wish to purchase a green vehicle, the following are the popular types that are available in the market today.

Hybrid Cars. This car type makes use of two or more power sources such as a gas engine with electric motor. Other power sources include the use of solid combustibles, electricity, hydrogen, petrol, solar and wind. Hybrid vehicles are rechargeable and similar to conventional vehicles making it easier for one to switch.

Hydrogen Cars. This car type works by converting hydrogen into mechanical energy through the heating of the hydrogen with oxygen.

Electric Car. Electric vehicle on the other hand makes use of batteries to operate. Electricity is used in this case, where the latter is stored in the battery. Electric vehicles benefit the owner in that it is cheaper, more environmental friendly as they do not emit carbon and are cheaper as they do not depend on oil.

Biodiesel Car. Biodiesel vehicles are considered as one of the newer green car types. The vehicle is powered with biodegradable matters such as vegetable oil, animal fats and can be used together with diesel oil. Biodiesels are non-toxic and renewable as these is made of biological ingredients such as soybeans or corn.

Buyer Guide

A wide range of green vehicles are available in the market today, especially now that more people realize the hazardous effects of carbon emission in our environment. People who want to purchase a green vehicle should be concerned about the CO2 emission of the vehicle and talk with the sales personnel to understand how the car works and how green the vehicle is. Understand the difference between smaller size vehicles from one that is bigger as each one has their own fuel efficiency.

Aside from fuel efficiency, one should also take into consideration the following: (a) cost of the vehicle, (b) maintenance, (c) refuelling stations that cater to the specific car and (d) distance the vehicle can travel.